Our Facility

We are very fortunate to be able to house T.H.R.I.L, at Field of Dreams Farm, located just minutes from Lindsay at 1072 Monarch Road.  The facilities include an accessible heated viewing room with kitchenette, and an accessible heated washroom with laundry.  The bright airy indoor arena is superb for our riders’ learning environment, with letters, numbers and coloured pictures and games available to work on life skills while on the back of a horse!

The aisles are wide and matted for safety and the mounting platform is accessible and practical for riders needing assistance to mount.


The stalls are bright and airy with matted floors and the outdoor paddocks have shelters and heated water with quality hay.

A wonderful place to come and learn to ride in a welcoming, friendly, integrated facility that offers both a therapeutic riding program and boarding and lessons.  T.H.R.I.L is thankful to Field of Dreams Farm for making it possible!

Exterior of Arena View of paddocks from the barn arena mounting area interior of arena