Our Horses



Freya is a newer addition to our program and has quickly become a favourite. She is a 15 hand Norwegian Fjord/Percheron cross and brings the best of both breeds to her job. Her fabulous walk and gentle trot, combined with her accepting attitude are ideal for a therapy horse. Our thanks to her owner Heather Morrison for making it possible for her to be part of program.



Amigo is our littlest pony, grullo grey, standing at a mighty 12 hands with a heart of gold.  He is so accepting of our riders and really works hard to distinguish between their squeals of delight and often busy bodies to stay quiet and calm although surrounded by volunteers helping young children ride.


Ruby horse

Ruby is our 13 hand redhead (chestnut) pony and newest addition. Her sweet nature and sturdy stature allow us to assist children and adults to ride.  She has a willing walk and lovely trot with the ability to be both a lead line pony and an independent rider pony.

Donna Ciara


Donna is a talented 16 hh Canadian Warmblood mare with superb gaits that can really move a rider’s body with her huge walk and slightly bouncy trot. She has a huge heart and kind eye and is a valuable asset to our program.  Thanks to Carolyn Louws for allowing us to use her wonderful dressage mare.

Everybody Loves Raymond


Raymond is a barn favourite. A 16.1 hand thoroughbred, he raced as a 2 and 3 year, then became a pony club mount for our founder’s daughter -jumped like demon but could put in a great dressage test on a good day!  Now In his mid-teens he is a willing partner for our riders with a lovely walk and easy trot.  Thanks to Field of Dreams Farm for allowing us to use Raymond.



Luna is our newest addition and not only is she a perfect 14.1 hand size, with flowing mane and tail, she rides and drives!  We are working on her driving skills (and ours) to have her join us to be able to give our participants the chance to enjoy the power of a pony from a cart!


Bella Horse

Bella is a wonderful 16 hand Warmblood/Percheron grey mare with exceptional talent. She becomes whatever the rider needs!  Her training in dressage has taken a para rider to international competition and yet she intuitively responds to our riders’ needs and commands. Our thanks to her owner Pat Robertson Corner for making it possible for Bella to be in our program.

Bella is now semi-retired and fills in on special occasions for her favourite riders.


Bay Horse Molly

Molly is a 7 year old Canadian mare that had previous driving experience with the Mennonite community and and T.H.R.I.L purchased her in November 2021 to be a ride and drive pony!  She is handling the new environment well and continues to settle into her new job. We fell in love with her at first sight and know our riders will enjoy her broad back and lovely trot for years to come.

Jetson - Retired back to his owner - 2021

Jetson horse

Jetson is a 15.2 hand finer built chestnut Quarter Horse, that has proved himself to be a horse that really inspires our riders. He instills confidence in his riders with his calm attitude and yet he can find another gear when asked! Our thanks to Miranda Effler for making it possible for Jetson to have been part of our program.

Indy - Retired Off Property


Indy is an amazing 14 hand paint pony mare with unique blue eyes!  Her amazing attitude and pleasantly broad back made her an instant hit with our riders and volunteers.  She was here on a free-lease from her owner with our immense thanks.

And of course we have our mini mascots who help with our community awareness – Gunner and Cody

We occasionally are looking for horses or ponies that would suit our program.  A superb, accepting mind, physically sound with a good walk and a gentle trot are prerequisites for consideration.  A free-lease with owner accepting veterinary costs is our ideal situation with the owner being responsible for the eventual retirement of the horse.  Please contact Kelly Russell at info@thril.ca.