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Rider with helpersOur riders range in age from 4 to 70 with a huge variety of challenges. Each one has a diagnosed disability with a doctors referral form required to be eligible to ride. From congenital disabilities to acquired challenges, intellectual or physical we accept a wide range of diagnoses. There are certain instances where riding is not a recommended or a permitted activity.  Riders do need to weigh less than 180 lbs or 80 kg.  Riders with Down syndrome need a negative x-ray for atlanto-axial instability. Severe scoliosis is also contraindicated for therapy riding.

To apply for our riding program you need to download several forms and return them to us signed and dated.  We are almost always fully subscribed and do our utmost to schedule in as many riders as we can. Our need for volunteers is constant!  Our program runs in 3 sessions, spring, summer and fall.  The cost is $50/ride each week and payable in advance for the session. Typically the spring session runs 10 weeks from April to June, the summer session is 6 weeks in July and August and the fall session is 8 weeks in September and October.

Riding helmets are available at T.H.R.I.L. and riders should wear long pants. Riders should also wear appropriate footwear with a small heel. No sandals allowed in the barn. The dates for each session are on the registration form and on our Calendar.

New Riders please download the forms below and scan/deliver to Kelly Russell at

Rider nuzzling horseNew Rider Forms:

Returning Riders Required Forms: